22 Jan

I won’t spoil you with posts since we have one from Jim yesterday that serves as today's, lest you complain you get too much to read. It anyway, merits reading twice; as it sparked some exchanges with the SpecMACs group at LMU who have been secretly studying the Sargassum (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sargassum … check out their first picture, and its caption, and the mention of crisis at the end, maybe David Farrell of CIMH has a comment) as an introduction to the ocean mesoscale… see the attached figure from Tobias Kölling from NARVAL2 flights, the grass shows up wonderfly, we shall see what winter has to offer. If you are hooked, Jim was not one to advertise it, but a nice overview of ocean submesoscale phenomena is in his paper here:


(in press with geoscience letters.. jim, you better shout if I was not supposed to share it ;-))

And because Hauke Schulz can’t wait to begin, he has been practicing flights in Windy, which Louise introduced us to last year.

That is for attachment 2 …

And as housekeeping, we have a nice line up of guest emails, from:

1. Franziska and the Isotopologues,

2. Sabrina Schnitt (Cologne)

3. From Hauke Schulz (MPI)

4. From Bernhard Mayer (polarization)

5. Tobias Kölling (Wind remote sensing and cloud tracking)

6. Jessica Vial (Diurnal Cycle)

7. Johannes and Sabrina (Ocean Mesoscale)

8. Kerry Emanuel (Internal Waves in the Atmosphere)

9. Raphaela Voget (sub-cloud layer mass budgets)

10. Stephanie Fiedler (ship cruises offshore of Barbados)

11. Marcus Klingebiel (mass fluxes and maybe cloud beards)


Yes, I am sure I forgot someone… even so, it would be great to get a few more… Florian Ewald?! Manfred Wendisch? Jacob Marek (microwave?) ….Daniel Klocke (modeling?), Pier on multiscale LES? Lauraline on swiss train schedules, or pseudo global warming. … maybe someone on air-sea gas exchange … or PPS on the state of LES, Eberhard on the fantastic cloud kite?

Otherwise you get to hear more from me and Sandrine (who has a lot to say on the mesoscale).

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