EUREC4A data will be hosted by Barbados and Opens external link in new windowAERIS.  The AERIS Portal also hosts the field catalogue, including forecast products to be used for mission planning, and quicklooks obtained during operations.  BCO data can be accessed through its website (Opens external link in new windowBCO) for images and quick looks, data can be accessed from the Opens external link in new windowRAMADDA server, and NTAS data is available from teh NBDC web-site and Woodshole Oceanographic Institute.  In addition to the AERIS Portal BCO data can be accessed through the RAMADDA server, and NTAS data is available from the NBDC web-site and Opens external link in new windowWoodshole Oceanographic Institute. Aircraft operations can be found and followed onOpens external link in new window PLANET.


EUREC4A intends to follow the open data policy established for NARVAL. This means that we do not intend to police the use of, or access to, the data. Instead we rely on the good will and scientific integrity of those interested in using the data to respect the efforts of those whose were responsible for its collection by adhering to the two guidelines below:

1. No redistribution: Groups who are using the data are asked not to redistribute this data, but rather refer those interested in accessing the data to the original source, and these guidelines for the data use.

2. Coordinated Use and Acknowledgement: Unlike in some other contexts the EUREC4A data is made available through the individual efforts and particular funding of a number of independent research groups. Often the data that is collected represents the fruits of many years of effort to develop, certify and operate an instrument. This effort is often connected to individual research projects, and even PhD projects. For this reason we consider it a matter of scientific integrity for users to respect the priority of those who collected the data, by coordinating your planned use with the instrument PIs (listed below), and making an effort to explicitly and clearly acknowledge the origin of the data when it is presented to a broader community in the form of publications or presentations.

3. For publications that include EUREC4A data, include the following in your acknowledgements: The data used in this publication was gathered in the EUREC4A field campaign and is made available through [insert name of the institute]. EUREC4A is funded with support of the European Research Council (ERC), the Max Planck Society (MPG), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Meteorological Weather Service (DWD) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

4. In addition specific data may be bound by agreements associated with the platforms from which they were collected, for instance the data policies of the German Research Vessels, or HALO.

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