9 Feb

It is late, and this plot took me longer than I intended… but I think it gives a nice view in the life of a ceilometer. What it shows is mostly the cloud returns for the first seven days of february. Here there are some things to note, likely your keen eyes may find many more

- The well defined cloud base; there is little evidence of a diurnal cycle although at times we have the perception that we see one in the radar.
- How nice and thin the stratiform layer is, we almost always see through it with the ceilometer or so it seems.
- The empisodic rain events, where ceilometer returns reach down, and to the surface.
- Looking at this I have the impression that at times low level clouds go away when the stratiform layer appears.

I forgot to indicate so, but time on the plot is UTC, so 16 is local noon.

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