4 Feb

DAY 16 is almost done. Things have not changed much. We will have very nice trade-wind flow, with clouds topping out in a stratiform layer near 2 km. The satellite image from a few hours a ago shows more stratiform cloud layers near barbados. Playing with worldview I overlaid the cloud top heights, with reds being clouds with tops above 2350 m, and in the west of the Aqua swath the oranges have tops near 8km.  In both images Barbados is just off the swath in the very low left corner.

Here is the latest image. There is still an elevated moist layer near the freezing level, but few clouds seem to be getting there with stratiform clouds forming only at around 2km. Winds are almost due easterly, with a hint of northerlies, i.e., coming from about 75deg. The wind plot (fig 4) is a reminder of how the winds look, in a direction sense in our beloved trades.   

Dylan was likely thinking of Barbados when he wrote Subterranean Homesick Blues:


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