17 Feb

Today I was following the thought on the winds, which were again relatively slack at the time of the 12 UTC sounding. In A1 there is the cloud field from Terra. Barbados is more or less in the middle (left-right) of the plot, a bit more than a third of the way up.    

I also attach the AMSU winds (A2) which blends the day and night product. What we see is a weakening of the winds to the west of Barbados, typical of what is seen in the sounding, and a strengthening of the winds to the east. The color scale goes from purple, through pink, to white between 3 and 11 m/s. So the darker colors to the west are indicative of lighter winds, but the difference between the satellites also portends a strengthening of the winds. More structure in the cloud fields is also evident to the east, in association with stronger winds; let’s see what we learn from tomorrow.

But before we go to bed you have one other homework… in the email that follows.

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