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Cloud shadows

What will happen to the cloud shadows as the climate changes? People may care because hot days become a bit more pleasant when clouds block the sun...

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On Friday January 31, I had the opportunity to fly on HALO, the German Gulfstream-V. This was my first flight on HALO, and only my 3rd research flight...

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The 23rd January 2020 proved to be a rather eventful day for the University of East Anglia (UEA) team on the R/V Meteor. After delays due to rough...

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Radar Raising

On Saturday, we had a ‘radar raising’ of the PoldiRad radar on the east coast of Barbados, designed to measure the life cycle of precipitation cells...

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In many cases, clear (non-cloudy) air that subsequently forms a cloud is moister and more buoyant than its surroundings. It rises and cools until the...

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Today, I got to see where the seed of EUREC4A was planted almost ten years ago: the Barbados Cloud Observatory (BCO). With the campaign starting...

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As a scientist who has been using computer models to study clouds like those over Barbados for more than a decade, it has been wonderful to be able to...

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On Monday morning on 16th of December, just one and a half weeks before Christmas, the final instrument integration on the High Altitude and LOng...

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Let's do it!

This week, a group of around 80 ambitious senior scientists and PhD students from various institutes from all over the world met in a small conference...

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Leif Denby, University of Leeds
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Marvin Forde, Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
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Theo Stein, NOAA
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Katy Human, University of Colorado
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Szymon P. Malinowski, University of Warsaw
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