An exciting component of EUREC4A will be the multi-scale modelling in connection with the field campaign. Global climate models to idealized large-eddy models will be used to help address the questions at the heart of EUREC4A and to learn from measurments. Global and regional weather forecast models will be used for flight operations and retrospective simulations will be performed with focused configurations to address specific research questions. The operational weather forecasts with storm-resolving models for the EUREC4A area with AROME (MeteoFrance) and HARMONIE (KNMI) will be complemented by storm resolving weather forecasts with ICON (DWD) and UM (UK MetOffice). Targeted large-eddy simulations are planned and several projects and initiatives aligne their modeling activities with the EUREC4A field experiment. An overview will be given here soon.

Contact persons:

Daniel Klocke - Deutscher Wetterdienst
Vera Schemann - University of Cologne
Pier Siebesma - Delft University of Technology

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