PRE-EUREC4A 2017 (20 Jan - 20 Feb)

During the Jan-Feb time-period of EUREC4A we performed a virtual field experiment. In 2017 this consisted of daily weather and instrument reports from the BCO as tabulated with the daily MODIS-Aqua satellite imagery below. As shown here, each image spans the region for 5ºN to 30ºN and from 20ºW to 60ºW. This places the BCO about one third of the way up the image on the far left corner as highlighted by the orange circle. The anticipated area of flight operations, and a sample scale are shown in blue.  

The daily reports can be obtained by clicking on a particular day’s date, clicking on the image will enlarge that day’s MODIS image. They reports vary in length, and usually include imagery from satellites or BCO instruments, and are intended to show different aspects of the observed cloud fields. These discussions should help calibrate our expectations for the actual field study in 2020. Follow on preEUREC4A experiments, increasingly ambitious, are planned for 2018 and 2019. 

20 Jan ()
Picture (HiRes)

27 Jan ()
Sat Photo (HiRes)

3 Feb  pic-HiRes10 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes17 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes
21 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes28 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes4 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes11 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes18 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes
22 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes29 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes5 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes12 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes19 Feb           Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes
23 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes30 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes6 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes13 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes20 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes
24 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes31 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes7 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes14 Feb            Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes21 Feb 
25 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes1 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes8 Feb            Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes  15 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes22 Feb

26 Jan  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes

2 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes9 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes16 Feb  Initiates file downloadpic-HiRes23 Feb

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