Papers, proposals and presentations

  • Overview paper describing motivation, core goals and strategy for the EUREC4A field study (Opens external link in new windowlink
  • Paper describing the use of HALO as a cloud observatory and background measurements from the NARVAL expeditions. (Opens external link in new windowlink)
  • Overview paper describing the Barbados Cloud Observatory (BCO) (Opens external link in new windowlink)
  • Description and evaluation of methods for estimating mesoscale divergence and vorticity from dropsondes (Opens external link in new windowlink)
  • Introduction to mesoscale patterns of organization of clouds  in the trades (Sugar, Gravel, Fish and Flowers) (Opens external link in new windowlink)

Figure gallery


  • 24-26 Sept 2019, Paris, EUREC4A Planning Workshop Opens external link in new window
  • 29-30 July, 2019, Boulder, ATOMIC Planning Meeting (link)
  • 14-17 April, 2019, Ringberg Experiment Planning Workshop, Ringberg: Initiates file downloadAgenda; Opens external link in new windowSlides and Summary
  • 19-20 February, 2019, Hamburg, Ship Coordination Meeting, Hamburg (Opens internal link in current windowpresentations)
  • 10-11 January, 2019, Paris, EUREC4A-OA/ATOMIC Workshop (Initiates file downloadSummary)
  • 23-28 April, 2017, Vienna, EGU General Assembly Special Session (Opens external link in new windowlink)
  • 7-9 December, 2016, Cologne, NARVAL2-EUREC4A workshop: Initiates file downloadAgenda

Logistics in Barbados

  • General shipping and customs information for Barbados (Opens external link in new windowlink)
  • Andrea’s Ringberg presentations (link)
  • Diwi Resorts Hotel (Opens external link in new windowlink)

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